What many car owners might not know is, turning your speakers bass up to its fullest might potentially harm your entire speaker system. If that be the case, then what is the use of having bass as an option for your car’s speakers? Truth is, its all about quality. If you don’t have good-quality speakers then the bass option might just be there as a potential glitch to ruin your speaker system. Thus, it is important to know how the bass function works and how high you actually can turn it up, as opposed to ruining it. Paying a little extra for your system, in this case, might not be the worst idea.

The Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5” Speaker system
Equipped with 260-Watts, as a two-way speaker system with a coverage of 6.5”, the Pioneer TSD1602R provides maximum power for the ultimate bass experience. Its quality features will completely exceed your expectations. What makes it different and adds to its features is its sustainability and the basalt mechanism which allows for a powerful in-depth bass.

JBL GTO638 Speaker System
With a 6.5” 3-way surround coverage, the new edition from JBL is a revolutionary speaker with one of the best authoritative audio in the world. It provides effective sound quality and has a built-in crossover network that provides a smoother switch between the tweeter and woofer. It exudes even a clearer sound than most speakers, hence the design Mylar-titanium tweeter and additional super tweeter.

The Poke Audio Coaxial Speaker System
With ensuring sound quality and speaker materials that’ll last you forever, Poke’s new edition of their bass system is considered one of the best on the market. The speakers are surrounded by a butyl rubber-like material that protects against sunlight and increases its bass efficiency. The overall look is made of stainless steel hardware, which adds to the attractive interior detailing of your car.

The Kicker 40CS54 Speaker System
This bass system will save you money, while not compromising on quality. It is made of polypropylene cone material which allows for the speaker to have a controlled break-up. This entire effect results in a smoother frequency while producing a wider, more crisp range of sound. It has a 45Hz-20kHz frequency response and has a 5.25” 2-way speaker set.


The Pioneer TS-A1675R
Another best from Pioneer, the TS-A1675R, is a low-priced system that provides great audio coverage for those long trips on the road. It provides the clearest reproduce sound, perfect responsiveness and a fair degree of internal loss. To add to its impressive features, it has a multi-layer Mica Matrix design and a polymer surround for a high sensitivity. Its design provides your car with a cool look. One that’s worth a compliment.

Choosing the correct bass speaker system is imperative to the music lovers out there. Be sure to spend a little more and don’t forget the bass.