One might think that upgrading your cars audio system is extremely expensive, but it can be as easy as following a few steps that are promised to not burn a hole in your pocket. This is important as the amount of time individuals spend in their cars day-to-day turns out to be quite a lot.

Buy better speakers
When looking at a new set of speakers for your vehicle, the first thing you should consider is the quality. How loud and clear do you want the sound to be? Would you like your car to be average, entertaining a new level of entertaining and create a similar experience of being at a concert? Now, just because you want quality, does not mean you have to pay for it. Find a set of speakers that have a good range surround sound, fits your car perfectly and perhaps add a little flair to it.

Choose a sized set that fits your car perfectly
With a large variety of speaker sizes to choose from, it is necessary to choose a set that can be placed perfectly in your car. Usually, the average speaker is 6.5″ at about 300-400 Watts. By measuring the speakers widest point, you’ll be able to determine the size that’ll fit in your car.

Don’t optimize your current speaker style
This will not only save you a heap of money but help your car keep its charm. Many new cars have component-style speakers and older cars Coaxial-styled speakers. Depending on how old your car is, it should be fairly easy to figure out which you need to upgrade.

Do you prefer a two-way or a three-way speaker system?
Some believe that a 3-way speaker set is better than the 2-way, but not at all. The simplicity of the 2-way allows for better sound and will provide you with all you need. Leave the unnecessary extra.

Have a look at your speaker materials
Have a look at the components of your speaker system, such as the woofer cones and the tweeters. Woofer cones are pieces that play a bass response and is usually made from polypropylene and in some cases, paper. Tweeters are made from synthetic materials and allow for high-frequency responses.


Add Dynamat
To project a dynamic sound and help isolate it inside your car, you should engage the process of ‘sound deadening’ with the product, Dynamat.

If you have a new car, take a turn-it-up test
This test allows for quality assurance. Turn your sound to its loudest and chances are you’ll hear a quality glitch. Unless you’re all about the music, your current system should be fine, but if not, upgrade.

If you have an older car, skip the test
Instead of replacing your entire system, you could invest in replacing elements that add to your sound. This is not only affordable but effective.

Choose the right adjustments
Don’t turn up the bass and be sure to turn down your speakers treble, as well as the mid-tones and only then turn up your volume.

Add an amplifier
Adding a good quality amp will enable you to make your sound system louder without compromising your speaker system.
For effectivity and quality, invest a little in your next speaker upgrade, but don’t overdo it. Definitely, don’t believe the salesman. Follow these tips for a better, more electric experience with your sound system.