About us

At car audio jax  located in Jacksonville we install all hi end entertainment systems,   tv’s media players- headrest entertainment, you may spend considerable time inside your car. At car audio we make it as pleasurable as we can to drive in comfort with your hi end  audio system,  sometimes you prefer to settle-back and enjoy several songs in hi quality on your the long term drive. These include the most beneficial in-car entertainment methods you can buy.

Upgrading the car speakers is usually a thing which can be approached from many different facets determined by what it truly is that will you would like to gain. Regardless of whether you need visitors to listen to people received from several obstructs apart or just need to enjoy hi-fidelity music or perhaps 5. 1 are around sound inside your car, we can design in addition to install a system to suit your every hope in addition to motivation.

We also include reverse cameras from installations and the best parking sensors we have seen on the market we were hired to run some testing on these parking sensors as it was a huge gap in the marketplace for best quality parking sensors and i do believe we have located them and we only promote this hi end unit.

Our appointments are strictly via email ONLY as i’m sure we have come highly recommended to you, and we do not acquire with daily time wasting quotes, we have enough business from recommendations as it is already. You see you either want a quality job done or you don’t, and if you do then email us and we will book a appointment to discuss the installation further.

Sorry guys we are not that silly to give you our address so you can just come down and waste our time, im sorry but we are not here to educate we are professionals and here to do a premium job, we are only interested in the serious customers that will be going ahead with the job, if that’s you then email us here. info@caraudiojax.com